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Confirmed 62nd Reunion Attendees

The reunion committee has released the list of confirmed attendees for the Scamp 62nd Reunion.

It’s not too late to reserve your spot! The reunion will be held in Groton, Connecticut, June 12th – 16th, 2023. If you have questions or comments please contact the committee members at [email protected]. Or, contact Harvey Sellers, reunion committee chair, at [email protected]. The registration forms may be downloaded at this link:

Downloadable PDF FileRegistration Forms

Scamp CrewmemberRate/RankGuest(s)
David AikenYN2Paula Fee
Tony ArmagnoIC1Alexa
Robert BrandSK3Joanne
William (Cliff) BrittE6
Jim ChambersSTS3Lorna
David W DumaCDR, Scamp CO
Ronald CharestET2Weifang
Robert ChristinaFTCM
Dean CosentinoSTS2Diane
Gil CropperET1Laura, Kaitlyn
David ErhartMMCTeresa
David FischerLCDRBarbara
Dick SmithCDR, Scamp CO
John GibsonRM2Kathy
John GrothCDR, Scamp CO
Mike HullET1
Larry HunterPNCBillie
Ron JarrettEM2Candice
Mike KirkLtSusan
Richard LannenEM2Nancy
John LeighliterMM1Margo
Peter LimonEM1Laura
Gordie LustilaETN3
Rick NicklasLt
George PetershagenEM1/EMCBarbara
David Stafford ETN2Maura
Leonard RobbinsSTCMBarbara
Harvey SellersMM2Angela
Richard (Dick) SpenceETR2Dianne
Rod StarkETN2
Scott StinsonEM2
Bill StoverET2
Larry TimonenIC1
James TuckerMMCBetty
Ronald WheeldonETR2Carol
Gregory WilliamsLCDRRosemary
Jimmy WilsonTM2Virginia

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  1. David Farran David Farran January 6, 2024

    Need contdact information email, usps mail, phone #
    for Harvey sellers

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