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USS Scamp Photo Gallery

Here is a large collection of photos about the Scamp over her service life. Many images were made by her crew, others are official US Navy photographs. Attribution is made as accurately as possible.

Official Scamp Photos

A collection of official US Navy photos of the USS Scamp (SSN 588) during her service. All photos are in the public domain.

The Scamp Crew

The crew brings the ship to life. These are photos of and from the men who served on Scamp.

Scamp in Service

Photos of the USS Scamp during her service life, as contributed by crew members.

Construction and Commissioning

Construction and commissioning photos of the USS Scamp. All photos are in the public domain


A smorgasbord of offbeat photos and crew documents, revealing submarine life at it's finest.

Sixty Year Reunion

A small collection of photos from Scamp's 60th reunion, held in Rapid City, South Dakota, in 2021. A good time was had by all!

Video Clips

While researching images I ran across this interesting clip of Scamp in-port Yokosuka, Japan, in 1972, with a music dub. The author is listed as Mitchell Rothschild, but I cannot find him listed in our crew roster. It is enjoyable, and brings back some pleasant Westpac memories.

USS Scamp Yokosuka Japan, 1972