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Contact List Updates Requested

Harvey Sellers, the chairmen of the upcoming Scamp Reunion is looking for updated email addresses and any other contact information. This list is available as a download file. Please feel free to download, and provide any updates to the reunion committee members.

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Shipmates We Need To Find

The 62nd reunion will be held in Groton, Connecticut, June 12th through the 16th, 2023. If you would like to be placed on the email list and receive updates on planning, please contact one of the following people at [email protected]:

Harvey E Sellers, Jr
Reunion Chairman 2023

Anthony (Tony)  Arrmagno
Reunion Co Chairman/Treasurer

Richard (Rick) Lannen
Reunion Secertary

Hope to see everyone at the reunion!


  1. Ronald E Wheeldon Ronald E Wheeldon December 11, 2022

    My wife Carol and I are planning on attending the next reunion.

    • King Neptune King Neptune December 12, 2022

      Great! Thanks. I’ll pass this on to the reunion committee.

  2. Hust Hust April 8, 2023

    Hi, Guys!
    I am not sure the reunion will happen for me this year but, at least this humble web page is available. Thank you Charest (Radar right?) and other shipmates before and after my service.
    Has anybody heard from MaCPON or ARF, Mr. Matheny, and the like?

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