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Looking for Contact Information Updates

The Scamp 2023 reunion committee is still working to update their contacts lists. The complete lists of shipmates are attached. Some shipmates had email addresses on file that no longer appear to be good. I’ve attached the list of people the committee is looking to update email addresses.

People With Outdated Emails

  • John Forrest
  • Donald Strehlow
  • Jim Daversa
  • John Douglass
  • Barrow John
  • Chris Saslow,
  • Daniel Anderson
  • Bailey Talbot
  • Todd Peterson
  • John Ebenhoch Jr
  • Randy Payne
  • Charles Matras
  • Joe Hayes
  • Claud Rainbolt
  • Mike Dassero
  • Mike Pelletier
  • Joe Difiore
  • Robert Odden
  • Hugh Huck (SKIP)
  • Neil Shaw
  • Thomas Shipley
  • Wayne Barton
  • Glenn Moore

Downloadable Files

Shipmates With Contact Information
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Shipmates on Eternal Patrol
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Shipmates Needing Contact Information
Downloadable PDF File

If you have updated information on any Scamp Shipmates, or wish to update your own contact information (perfectly acceptable!) Please contact one of the following reunion organizers.

Harvey E Sellers, Jr
Reunion Chairman 2023
[email protected]

Anthony (Tony) Arrmagno
Reunion Co Chairman/Treasurer
[email protected]

Richard (Rick) Lannen
Reunion Secretary
[email protected]

Or, simply email to the reunion committee email at:

[email protected]

One Comment

  1. David Allen David Allen February 22, 2023

    This brins back a lot of good memories. My best to my favorite skipper Capt. . J. Groth. and not so favorite XO, CMDR Wiliams.

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